You are not going anywhere

Kishan continued to stare at Radhika, overcome by grief. Radhika windened her eyes abit, trying to take in as much of Kishan as she could, in what she knew were her last moments. Death brings to a final end a soul’s aspirations. Ironically, however, it is sometimes the hovering imminence of the end itself which gives a soul the courage to challenge every constraint and express even a long-denied dream.
‘It is my time to go, Kishan,’ whispered Radhika. ‘But before I go, I want to tell you that the last few months have been the happiest in my life.’
Kishan continued to look at Radhika with moist eyes. His hands developed a life of their own and moved towards Radhika. He checked himself in time.
‘I wish you had come into my life earlier,’ said Radhika, letting out a secret that she hadn’t even so different.’
Kishan’s eyes tried frantically to restrain themselves, struggling against the despair that needed an outlet.
‘I wish I had told you earlier,’ murmured Radhika. ‘Because the first time that I am telling you will probably be the last.’
Kishan continued to look at her, his voice choked.
Radhika looked deeply into Kishan’s eyes, whispering softly, ‘I love you.’
Than dam broke and tears poured down Kishan’s grief-stricken face.
‘You are going to repeat these words for at least another hundred years,’ sobbed Kishan. ‘You are not going anywhere. I will fight the god of death himself, if I have to. You are not going anywhere.’
Radhika smiled sadly and put her hand in Kishan’s. Her hand was burning. The fever had begun its assault.


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